C# Version of DocRank

Recently I’ve been exploring Machine Learning concepts (clustering, link analysis, etc.) and discovered a great resource – Algorithms of the Intelligent Web.

The book gives a good introduction and treatment of applied Machine Leaning, especially for someone new to the topic. The book is particularly good in my opinion since it talks about machine learning concepts with an emphasis on how they can be applied to various areas – improving search, providing recommendations, fraud detection, etc. The only drawback to this book as a .NET developer is that the code samples in the book and the source code are all in Java.

Not a big deal, since Java and C# and very close as far as syntax and API structure. I performed a quick and dirty translation of the code from Java to C# if anyone is interested. I haven’t yet made a pass through the code to clean it up or make it more efficient – perhaps in the near future I’ll release an updated version of the source. The C# source for the converted Java code can be downloaded here.